Sunday 18th February 2018
1st Sunday of Lent

All Age/Baptism Service at 10:30am

Lead: Rev. Christy

Readings: Psalm 25:1-9, Genesis 9:8-17, Mark 1:9-15

Talk: Sandra E


Heavenly Father, your son battled with the powers of darkness and grew closer to you in the desert. Help us to use these days to grow in wisdom and prayer that we may witness to your saving love in Jesus Christ our lord. Amen.

Please join us for a cuppa after the service


Sunday 25th February 2018
2nd Sunday of Lent

All age Service at 10:30am

Lead: Rev. Christy

Readings: Psalm 22:23-end, Genesis 17:1-7 & 15-16, Mark 8:31-end

Talk: Sandra E


  • Pray that we can faithfully keep this Lent as the Holy spirit leads.
  • Pray for the sick, especially Len, Matthew, Edward, Jeff Fraser, Alice Howsen, Carmella Gerber's son and Heidi.
  • Pray for Carmella as she travels to America to be with her son during the operation
  • Pray for all those who live on Romford Road and those we met during the Parish Outreach.
  • Pray for the Government as they grapple with Brexit.
  • Pray for all young people involved in gang activities. Pray for opportunities for the churches to support them.
  • Pray for all those who suffer Abuse and violence from others.
  • Pray for Jidenna as he gets baptised that he may grow in the love and the knowledge of Christ.
  • Pray for all our children this lent.

Scripture for the Week: Mark 1:10-11

Just as Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased."

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Stratford Rising Stars: Monday 19th February 6:30pm.

Parents & Toddlers Group: Wednesday 21st February 10:30am.

Bible Study Group: at Louise’s house meets every 2 weeks. Speak to John W for more information.


Tuesday 20th February: Counter Terrorism Training at St John’s Leytonstone E11 1HH 10am-12:30pm

Thursday 22nd February 10am: Parish Home Communion. Speak to Christy if you would like to come

Saturday 24th February: Parish Outreach 10:45am for prayer before leaving the church

Sunday 11th March: Mothers' Day. St Matthew's ladies to organise and lead the service.

Saturday 23rd June: Parish Outing. Where can we go this year? Give your suggestions to Pearla or John latest 18th March

Notice of Revision of Electoral Roll: The revision Starts 18th February. Please speak to Isobelle if you want to go onto the Roll

Please read the Notice Board every week for St Matthew's events for 2018.

2018 Year of Growth (Acts 2:42-end)

Are you growing in your walk with the Lord? What has changed? What has helped you?

10am every Sunday: Join Joyce and others for Prayers

Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am: Join Carmel and others to pray for St Matthews Church

The Food Bank: Please use the Box provided. See Noticeboard for full list of items needed. Please give to the less privileged.

Giving is part of our call to discipleship. You can give and support the Church regularly by setting up a Standing Order for St Matthew's Church. See Isobelle for information.

Facebook & Twitter: You can now follow what's happening at St Matthews by following us on Facebook & Twitter, keep yourself right up to date!

Hospitality is a very important part of our Ministry: Everyone will be given the opportunity to be involved in various groups just as we discussed at the Event Planning meeting

Talk to Rev. Christy about: Baptism, Wedding, Bible Study and Volunteering. See Our Contact page for how to get in touch